11 Irresistible Reasons Why You Should Prefer Android Over iOS

Android and iOS have always confronted the battle of having the superior user experience. With every release of these systems, more controversies are born.

Aside from being rivals in the business field, these also go through the battle of winning over the audience. And this battle of winning hearts is what empowers both the industries to barge forward.

That said, over the course of this piece, we’ll go over 11 staggering reasons why androids are better than the iPhones. But before that, let’s clear off this one fact:

I Am Not An Apple Hater

I don’t hold any grudge towards Apple devices. But being a user of both the OS, I saw android outperforms iOS by many aspects. Aspects that I’ll be pointing out below.

That said, I, in no way am saying that iOS offer you a gibberish experience. In fact, some of the iOS features outperform Androids. Nonetheless, when you put things into a broader spectrum, Android hits iOS out the park.

Below I’ve outlined 10 reasons why Android smartphones are better than the iPhones. Let’s go:

#1. In-depth Customization

If you’re hell-bent on customizing your phone, then Android is your way to go.

Don’t like the default duckling-like keyboard? Or the launcher that’s powering your phone? Knock yourself out with a ton of alternatives at the Google Play Store. The vast array of customization helps your phone get a total makeover. Some of the Android brands are even offering hardware customizations. For example, Motorola has Moto Maker, LG & Xiaomi have replaceable leather backplates.

Apple, on the other hand, represents the father of the 50s, pretending to know what’s the absolute best for you. And although Apple presents you neat interfaces with every iOS update, the customization scope hasn’t evolved much over the years. Making Apple more homogeneous.

Although you might argue that Apple likes it minimalistic, let’s not forget that a ton of iOS users loved it when Apple allowed 3rd party keywords and basic widgets. This evidences that Apple yet has a lot of features that users would like changed. For example:

⦁ Tweaking every corner of the home screen using a new launcher
⦁ Setting other browsers than Safari as the default app
⦁ Using a different messaging application for SMS
⦁ Adding more features to the lock screen

There’s absolutely nothing wrong providing the flexibility to customize. Users can always keep or revert to default settings if they wish to.

#2. More options

The price range is a strong reason why Androids outmatch iPhones. With every Android-based company making small, medium, and big budget phones, you’re sure to find phones for every budget.

Although anybody can afford Androids in this day and age, the same doesn’t apply for iOS. Because let’s face it: iPhones and iPads are prohibitively expensive for many.

Apple recently launched their iPhone X in $999. Want to know what’s wrong with that pricing? Well, for that amount of money, I can grab one of the tiptop laptops, headphones, Androids and a bag of donuts, of course.

All the iPhones are kind of same and limit you to a very narrow array of choices. Meaning that you don’t have the comfort of focusing on an aspect, such as – the camera or RAM. Yes, you can opt for more or less storage, but we both know that’s not enough of flexibility, is that?

On the flip side, Android comes crammed with choices. Looking for a phone to go mountain biking? Check out the Galaxy S7 Active. Want one for capturing great photos? Feast your eyes on the Google Pixel2 XL. And so on.

#3. Google love

We always use phones to access several Google services. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Maps are a few examples. While Androids are offering smooth integration with these services, iOS is not playing along.

Further, Google Maps is better than Apple Maps today, although was lacking behind at the time of launch. Yes, you can install Google Maps on the iOS, however, can’t make it the default app.

#4. Android supports MicroSD card

If you’re running low on phone space on Apple devices, there is no way around erasing your files or replacing the phone. Yes, you can opt for iOS devices with better storage, but, that’d be paying too much only for the storage.

However, the picture changes when you pop in a MicroSD card. Most Androids today come with expandable memory slots. Plus, you can connect USB flash drive to expand space as well.

#5. Removable battery

If the iPhone’s battery ever fails, you’ll be left no choice but to grab a new phone or keep it charging constantly. And sooner or later, your battery WILL lose its power, decreasing your backup over time. So, it’s a really smart move to invest in a device that supports battery replacement. So, if your battery ever wears off, you can grab a new one from Amazon (or elsewhere) and pop it right in.

And in cases of minor battery fixes, you can simply take the battery out and head over to the service center. This saves you the hassle of handing over your phone every time you need battery maintenance.

#6. More free apps

The Google Play Store comprises 2.5 million apps, while the Apple App Store has 2 million. Even the count of free apps on Android (2.3 million) outnumbers the total app count of Apple.

Further, you don’t have to root/jailbreak Android phones to any app. And although I’m not advocating piracy here, in all honesty, you can find any app on the for Android on the internet. Be it authorized or unauthorized.

However, on iOS, you need to jailbreak to install unauthorized apps. And if you’re new to this term, jailbreaking means force-entering the controls that are disallowed usually.

Speaking of the app sources, Google Play Store beats the Apple App Store because they have:

⦁ Broader device compatibility
⦁ The social proof section
⦁ Richer interface
⦁ Less expensive apps
⦁ Summary descriptions for busy people
⦁ PC to phone app installation system
⦁ Limitless length of the promo video
⦁ Changeable metadata and screenshots
⦁ Easy app submission process

#7. The Android industry aces forward

The fact that Apple replicates Android has been proved several times. And the brand new features Apple often tout about were present in Androids since long ago. This evidences that Apple technology advances slowly, while the Androids ace through.

And as several companies are working to improve the Android technology, the industry is experiencing frequent slingshots of growth. If you want a phone comprising the freshest technologies, Android would be your best bet.

However, if you want one with all the technologies from the last year stashed together, you should consider Apple.

#8. Genuine Multitasking

Alright, Apple fanatics. I know you can multitask on iOS. But this feature on iOS is not well implemented and somewhat useful only for the iPad.

In contrast, Samsung and LG introduced multi-window tasking long ago, allowing you to manage two apps at once. Slashing down your time consumption and eliminating the hassle of constantly switching between apps. They’ve been at this since long ago and do still it far better than iOS.

And not only Samsung & LG, plenty of companies have been implementing this feature for a long time.

That said, perhaps you’re confused how multitasking can help you. Well… let’s say you want to take notes while watching a lecture. Splitting the screen into two sections will get the job done, won’t it?

#9. The comfort of widgets

Widgets save you time by showcasing information (weather/clock/calendar) on the home screen.

And although Apple has introduced widgets already, they’re extremely picky about which widgets you should have access to. And as the Apple widgets are only for the notification bar area, they can really get on your nerves.

Their philosophy behind fewer widgets is eliminating the so-called ‘clutter’. But while getting rid of the clutter, they certainly forgot about the people who like to have a screen stashed with widgets because it saves them the hassle of opening up the app every time.

#10. Fit-for-all Chargers

The micro USB chargers made quite an impact as they fit Androids of all origins. Meaning that, even if you forget your charger home, there’s a 99% chance of finding another near you as Androids are everywhere today.

And although Apple could’ve played along for this once, they decided to go cool with their ‘lightning’ cable chargers, limiting you to Apple devices only. And although Apple may offer an explanation for doing this, there is no denying that using the same chargers would’ve outweighed all their logic.

#11. No need for iTunes

Let’s say you want to copy files from your iOS to your computer. You’ll need to install iTunes, create an account, and even then, you’re only allowed to move media files like photos and videos.

Transferring files between iOS and computer is a complete disturbance. Plus, uninstalling it is also a long haul, providing that, Apple wrote up an extensive guide solely on uninstalling iTunes.

In contrast, Androids don’t require you iTunes or anything similar for running media files. What is more, you can even install iTunes on your Android if you want to.

To Wrap It Up

Androids and iOS have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the benefits of Androids outweigh the ones of iOS. Although I can tailor out a huge guide on ‘Why iOS is better than Android’, I highly doubt that the article would pack a staggering impact.

All that said, now let’s hear it from you. Why do you prefer Android over iOS? On the contrary, if you’re more of an iOS fanboy, what is it that’s keeping you from acknowledging the benefits of Android?

Let me know in the comments, and I’d get back to you right away.