5 Stages of Successful Android App Development You Must Know!


If you think I will be teaching you Android app development in this article then shake off your thought. This post is more of theoretical than of practical. Oops! If I made you sad by telling so at the beginning, then here is the ‘breaking news’; soon our developers will share close insight and step by step guide to develop your first android app (if you are still a noob!). Gradually we will be presenting more of deep and high level Android app development resources under “Development” category.

Ohh man! It seems I am going out of my track. Let’s start with the stages of successful game development. Just because of not having picture of the whole process, most of the people start with programming (actual development) process and ignore two most important stages.

Here goes the 5 stages of Successful Android app development:

#1. Strategy – Why are we doing this?

#2. Design – How are we doing this?

#3. Development – Let’s create this.

#4. Marketing – Let’s sell this.

#5. Maintenance – Let’s keep people using this.

Let’s deep down for each stage….


#1. Strategy

Strategy is the starting point of every successful business or product that exist in this world. Then how can anyone expect to build a successful android app without proper strategy? Don’t get overwhelmed by reading the term “Strategy”. You can easily make the whole strategy just by asking some questions to yourself. Here goes some of the common questions that will help you to build up a solid strategy for your next android app:

  1. What is the exact problem that my app will solve?
  2. Does people actually need my app to solve their problem?
  3. Why people will download, use and share my app?
  4. Who are my targeted audience and what’s the best way to reach out them?
  5. Is there any existing market for my app? If yes, what’s the size of the market?
  6. How many competitors do I have?
  7. What are the strengths of my competitors?
  8. Do I have enough fund to invest for my app? If not, how can I collect fund?

bla bla bla… this list will go on and on. After getting the proper answers (definitely you need to a lot of research for that) of these type of questions you may end up with precise idea about everything that’s related to your android app or business that you are going to develop and launch. After that, set all the answers in an organized way on a piece of paper and you are ready for the next stage.


#2. Design

If you implement what I have discussed in the first stage you must know your targeted audience, their behavior and need. Moreover, if you do your homework properly you must have a close look of your competitor’s app and activity (if any). So, it’s time to HACK the mind of people! Don’t jump out of your chair. By saying “HACK” I meant to design a super attractive and easy to use Interface that your targeted audience will fall in love with. Did you get any hint? Yah, second stage is all about UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design. So, sit down on your chair, get a piece of paper and pen (unless you have a white board like me). Now start drawing the Interface of your app.


Please keep in mind; put yourself into the shoe of user while dealing with any type of UI and UX related task. Make sure the design is unique, suits with the topic (For example: It’s not a good idea to build a blood donation app with yellow color scheme. Red color suits better!) and it must be easy to navigate. After coming up with a good UI, open your Photoshop (If you are not skilled enough then get help from your friends but don’t show any excuse!) and give a visual appearance of what you thought and wrote as draft in a piece of paper. For UX, make a structure of all the options that your app will have and connect them with their next page or interface of the app. Confused? Have look of below image.



#3. Development

Finally, here is the actual development part of whole process. In this stage you need to deal with programming. If you have 0.00% knowledge about programming for android app read below lines with 100% of your focus.

JAVA is the core language for android app development AKA “Mother language for Android”. So, initially you need to learn Java but soon you have to have good command over XML, JSON, PHP, MySQL and more to present yourself as an advanced android app developer. If you are looking for step by step tutorials then I recommend for the tutorials of Robert Bucky. Keep in mind Android Studio is changing constantly and you may find some tutorials useless and need to seek for the latest one.

Just knowing the language isn’t enough. You need to have the proper IDE where you will be building your apps. Android Studio is the official developing platform for Android which is provided and recommended by Google. If you are looking for game development platforms then go for Unity Game Engine or Unreal Engine. I won’t deep down much as this post is based on theoretical instructions. You can find tons of tutorials by searching on Google and Youtube about specific development platform. If you need acceleration then check out related courses on Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera etc.


#4. Marketing

Just developing and publishing an app on Google Playstore is not enough for a successful app. No matter how much useful and unique your app is, if you can’t reach out to your targeted audience your app will be nothing more than a “Loss project”. In most cases, marketing defines the success of an app and hence you need to work a lot at this stage. When you are thinking of promoting your app, there is literally no limit as you will find hundreds of ways to promote your app. This is what makes this stage more complicated because you will find difficulties to select the best way of doing it. Most of the time you won’t get the result instantly. Thus keep patience while promoting your android apps. To have a good idea of marketing apps have a look of below image:


This is how people discover and download mobile apps. It’s pretty clear that searching on app store has the biggest share and is the most effective way to get humongous amount of downloads. For, this I will be writing about App Store Optimization (ASO) in near future but for now focus on other methods as ASO takes time to show result.


#5. Maintenance

BUG BUG BUG! Sounds familiar? Yah, you need to improve your app constantly by removing the bugs and adding new features to stay updated with the latest time and market. Always keep checking your apps for crashes and bugs. Moreover, it’s good to go through all the user reviews so that you can find the lacking and take step for the next update.


Final Words

Above mentioned 5 stages make the difference between “An Android App” and “A Successful Android App”. So, make sure to execute each and every step for what you are going to develop next. Remember, the more time you will give to build the base the more strong it will be. Don’t do hurry, Be strategic!