7 Easy Ways to Save Battery on Android Phone!


Image source: newsnish.com

“How can I increase my android’s battery life?” – this question must have crossed your mind since after you got your android device. In this article I have suggested some useful tricks to help you get your solutions.

Let’s begin with cool methods to save battery on android device…


#1. Use power saving mode

Almost in all android devices you will find power saving mode option. If you stuck in a place where there’s no option to charge your battery and your battery is low,  this mode will help you unbelievably to sustain your device for longer period. This power saving mode may slow down your device a little, but it’s useful side is more appreciated.


#2. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS

All of these features consumes battery if you even don’t use them. For instance, if your Wi-Fi feature is on, it will keep searching for nearby wireless connections continuously. Hence, it will help to reduce battery power. Therefore, you should always turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location and GPS when you don’t use them.


#3. Turn off auto brightness

You may think that display auto brightness may save your battery, but that’s an illusion. This function sometimes may provide more brightness than you usually need. The wiser step would be setting brightness manually as your need. Thus, you can improve battery life of your device at a great margin.


#4. Turn off background apps

We have to use many apps now-a-days on our device. We do not use them all at a time. But some apps may be running on your device in the background which you are not aware of that results in consuming your battery life unnecessarily. For that, you can go to device setting option and turn off all the running apps which you are not using. Thus, it will help your device to save battery life.


#5. Always stay updated

This is helpful because almost all the apps get updated on a regular basis. With every update, functions for memory and battery optimization gets better. So, if your app is updated with the latest version, you have the opportunity to save battery life of your device a bit more.


#6. Turn off vibrate

You can avoid keeping your phone on vibrate alert because it consumes more battery life than on ring mode. If it is urgent to use vibrate alert for incoming calls, turn off vibrate mode for messages or notification staffs.


#7. Use power bank or battery case

You can carry a mobile power bank with you while travelling to any place to give life to your device. Moreover, you can buy a battery case which combines a hardware enclosure which protects your phone and an extended battery that can double your phone’s endurance.


We hardly think of a moment without a Smartphone in this advanced tech era. Hope all the tricks I mentioned in this article will help you to save battery life of your android device.