Want to Punch Trump? Here is how You can do it from Home (Be careful)


Presidential election in the United States is a big deal. Every country in the world is closely looking at candidates and major events, and then offer special coverage in the much–awaited day.  Without uncertainty, Donald Trump is the most questionable applicant I have seen. The fact that there’s a game that lets me beat him to death is a clear indicator of it. Punch the Trump, made by Brutal Studio, tries to bounce on the media’s contempt towards this particular character, but the result is not great one at all.

Punch the Trump is a ’freemium’ games that comes with a file size of 24 MB and is compatible with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and above. It’s an offering from developer Brutal Studio, which already has over a dozen other Android apps available on the Play Store currently. The game allows users to hit “The Donald” any which way they choose. One point to note here is that the game is rated as 16+ for “Strong Violence”, so parents are well advised to keep their kids as far away from it as possible.

After downloading the game, the app welcomed me with a message and then I get to the app’s main screen. There is a very cartoony Donald Trump at the side, boasting a very aggressive stance. Usually, when opening the app again, I get a full-screen video ad. However, when pressing Play, the Trump character actually say “It’s disgusting” which I found hilarious.

There’s a button that says “Fight” here that take me to the next screen where there are two trump characters “CLASSIC” and “WARFARE”. After choosing a character that finally take me to the fight itself. There are five buttons placed at the bottom of my screen. The ones at the edges perform a light attack, while the two contiguous ones perform a strong one. The center one is reserved for blocking.

My character is placed in a first- person perspective facing Trump, and there’s a HUD similar to what we will see in any fighting games, with myself and my opponent’s remaining HP, and a pause button. Similar to more robust fighting games, I can perform combos that will deal more damage.

After some time, Donald Trump will enter Rage Mode, in which his eyes will turn to dollar signs and he’ll punch like crazy. I need to block in order to survive it. Also, the background will turn into a US flag, the music will change, and Donald Trump will say his famous line “You’re fired”. It makes fight a little less monotonous and it’s fun to watch at first.

There is a “Finish him” prompt, in which I have to do a combination of attacks (which, fortunately, are shown on the screen). If I execute it successfully and on time, Donald Trump will be shot by a cartoon Barack Obama. A little bit of dark humor here.

When winning a game, I earn belts, which can be used to buy in-game items. These belts can also be bought with real money. Things like bat, gold bar, shurikens, machete, golf club and last of all whip. If I want to unlock the last item (whip), I have to like their Facebook page.

At first, fights against Trump are mildly entertaining. Sure, punching a fake Donald trump may sound appealing to some people. But fights are essentially the same every time, making it really boring after some rounds. Nevertheless, I want to remake the fact that the game has combos that work great.

Download Punch Trump Now and have FUN!

However the game has so many flaws, bugs and performance issues. There is both lag and frame drops in every single fight I have had. If I press two or three times phone back button it take me to my phone home screen but the game is still running in the background. After some time some ad popup shows in my phone screen from this games. That’s very annoying to me. One the other hand, there’s no Google Play Games integration or similar, so I can’t actually compare my score with anyone. But there is an option to share my score in the Facebook after each fight.

What I liked about this Punch Trump game:

  • Some funny moments
  • Many of Trump’s famous lines
  • Fighting combos

Room for improvements:

  • AppJolt’s frighten message
  • Performance issues
  • Many bugs
  • Too many ads

However, this game could have been much better if more effort was put into it. In its current state, it’s difficult to recommend it, especially with its insane amount of bugs and performance issues. The idea is good and there are some funny moments, but a game can’t survive on ideas alone. There are better fighting games in the Play Store. Sure, they won’t let me punch Donald Trump (which may sound appealing to some people), but they offer a more refined, pleasant experience.