13 Piano Apps for Android to Show Off Your Inner Creativity


Many of us are addicted to piano. But it is always not possible to be around a  piano. Through the advancement of technology we get several virtual pianos to enjoy in our pastime. Here are the 13 best Piano apps for Android.

#13 Real Piano and Keyboard

Real Piano and Keyboard is a pretty simple piano app. It is a free app. You can record songs and play them back in this app. Real Piano and Keyboard has three timbres- acoustic, bright and synth. It has 52 white keys and 51 black keys. It is an ad free app which is good.


#12 Best Piano Lessons

Best piano lessons has two modes- learning mode where you can listen to a song and learn how to play and then you will use the piano to play the song and the other one is without learning mode where you can directly use the piano. This app provides a lot of songs to listen and practice. You can also record your own song though this app. This app is very much recommendable for the beginners.


#11 Piano Solo HD

Piano Solo HD includes two realistic keyboards- the lower piano is used for major chord and the upper piano is used as a minor chord. Features are HD piano images, many instruments, record music, multi-touch. animations for each key etc .


#10 Piano Teacher

Piano Teacher has three modes- gaming, learning and freestyle modes. You can compete with your friends or online gamers to develop your skills and get unlimited fun in the gaming mode. You can learn how to play real piano through learning mode. In the freestyle mode, you can create and record your own music and hence share with your family and friends. Piano teacher has some exciting features like realistic sounds, 7 different piano skins, 7 full octave, audio record and playback, beautiful animations, excellent sampled piano sounds etc.


#9 Piano Classic

Piano Classic is a classic and simple piano app for Android. It is most suitable and helpful for kids. You can enjoy your favorite music and melodies by clicking piano tiles. It will give you the feelings of playing a real piano. Piano classic provides simple musical keyboard with realistic piano tiles, controls to customize sound of piano, adjustable piano keyboard tiles etc.


#8 Piano Melody Free

Piano Melody Free is highly configurable piano consisting of multi touch, note labels, glissando. It has 600 songs or more of different genres from different eras. You can set the size of the keys on the piano to get the right notes. Piano melody free focuses on parts of the song to play back. A song can be slow down or up in this app. You can also turn on or off highlight notes to play by ear which develop your skill to play by ear. It supports in all phones and tablets.


#7 Piano Play & Learn Free songs

Piano Play & Learn Free songs provides a huge catalog of music of different genres and eras like traditional, classical, kids songs etc. Besides new songs get added regularly. And you can learn the piano playing in three levels- beginner, intermediate and advances. Then you can challenge with your friends or top vocalists to develop your skills and also share your result.


#6 Real Piano

Real Piano is the most fun piano app for Android. It provides multi touch, a complete keyboard and 5 octaves. One of the exciting features of Real Piano is it includes instruments such as electric guitar; synth, organ and acoustic guitar; grand piano; electric piano; electric bass; synth bass; horns; strings; toy organ; banjo; vibraphone; flute etc. Real Piano also has record mode, studio audio quality and it is a free piano app.


#5 My Piano

My Piano is the best virtual piano for Android. Its features are multi-touch, 8 sound effects, studio quality sound, 1-6 octaves mode, sample recording etc. My Piano includes piano, Pianino, e-piano, Rhodes, organ, Synth, s-bass, vibraphone, pizzicato, saxophone and guitar as available instruments. Its user interface is very simple and easy.


#4 Piano+

Piano+ is one of the most popular piano apps for Android. It has 128 musical MIDI instruments and more than 12 studio-quality sampled voices.  You can slow or fast your song to play as your mood demands in this app. Expendable instruments are also unlimited with soundfont files, high quality sounds and MIDI sounds. You can restore multiple songs to play.


#3   Piano Keyboard & Magic tiles

Piano Keyboard & Magic tiles is an electric keyboard simulator app with virtual musical instruments where you can reflect your dream of playing a piano. It has 9 different piano keyboards and muscial instruments such as piano keyboard, Organ, Harpsichord, Accordion, electric guitar, Grand piano, Harp, cello pizzicato, vintage piano. Piano Keyboard & Magic tiles includes 88 key piano keyboard, magic tiles and magic keys mini games, popular and classic piano songs, piano HD etc.


#2 Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is the most popular piano game for Android in Google play store with around 600 million users. It has been the #1 mobile game of 2015. Piano Tiles 2 fastens the speed of your fingers to play the piano greatly. It is an excessively huge time killer game. You can set the music and then the game begins and fun continues. You can easily be a boss in visual effect. The sound quality of this game is very exciting.


#1 Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is a smart piano app available for Android in Google play store. It has built-in genuine piano timbre which helps to learn playing piano. Perfect Piano includes 88 key piano keyboard, multi-touch, force touch, metronome, single, double-row modes, MIDI and ACC audio recordings etc. You can learn to play music through this app within a very short time with its features. You can also challenge anyone over the world and thus make friends and live chatting. Perfect Piano supports USB MISI keyboard and Timbre plug-ins. It also provide a widget for home screen where you can play music without opening the app.


So, these are the 13 most favorite piano apps of mine for Android devices. Hope, you will find your suitable one among these.