23 Exclusive Lock Screen Apps for Android (Best of 2018)

The Android lock screen has improved a lot since the early days. The lock screen has become a major battleground for productivity because it is where information is seen first. But productivity always comes hand in hand with personalization because we all have specific needs and wants. The main reason that I personally change my lock screen with an app is so I get to control a little more about my phone. Thankfully, like almost anything else on Android, you can replace the lock screen on your Android device.

Well, here is my list of 23 best lock screen replacement apps for Android:


Some lock screen apps might not play well with the default lock screen on your Android device. So, you can first disable the default lock options on your device by going to Setting-> Security-> Screen Lock and selecting “None”.

  1. Next Lockscreen:

The app was developed by Microsoft Corporation. They even won the award for the “Best lock screen app for Android”. Apart from just unlocking the device this app could do much more than that. The app does everything which a lock screen would provide like showing notifications, setting up locks with pattern, pin, password and even fingerprint scanning (if and only if the device has the capable hardware).

  1. Hi Locker:

Hi Locker is a great lock screen app that brings a great mix of older Android lock styles and the modern ones. Talking about its features, the first thing I like about Hi Locker is that it supports various security locks including fingerprint lock and smart lock, which let you set trusted devices and network to make sure the phone is unlocked automatically. The app contains in-app advertisements which might prove to be annoying. Therefore, it offers an in-app (1.7 USD) purchase to upgrade to the PRO version to get rid of them.

  1. AcDisplay:

An impressive lock screen app that brings the taste of “Always-On Display”. It is not the exact same thing, but it presents a similar kind of look. AcDisplay even uses your device’s sensors to detect when it’s in your pocket or in use, so the screen switches on and off accordingly. The app is available for free and like most lock screen apps, there are a lot of customization options.

  1. Echo Notification Lockscreen:

Echo Notification Lockscreen does pretty much what the title says it does. It boasts a minimal and lightweight experience that shows you notification, smart alerts, and security settings.  You can create notification categories, such as ‘work’, ’media’ and ‘social’, and choose which apps go in them. This means you have access to many more apps directly form the Echo lock screen than you would from a default Android one.

  1. Picturesque Lock Screen:

This is yet another one of Microsoft’s lockscreen applications for Android, and it’s quite a compelling app, that’s for sure. This application can also change your wallpaper automatically every day, while it features a universal search at the very top, and weather widget on the right.  There are a number of gestures and additional options available here actually.

  1. ZUI Locker:

If you want total control over your device’s lock screen, ZUI Locker is the app to get. The app lets you customize the lock screen, wallpaper, different layouts and style and different lock style. There are a lot of option to play with, so you can set up the lock screen the way you want. ZUI Locker is also on e of the best-rated applications on this list, and definitely worth checking out.

  1. Gesture Lock Screen :

As the name suggests, the app lets you unlock your Android device with a cool gesture. It’s simple, really, you can just enable and create a gesture and you are good to go. The simple lock screen brings you app notifications and you can customize the lock screen, change the unlock animation, lock dealy, sounds and background. The app is available in a free version with ads and if you want an add-free version, you should buy the Pro version.

  1. Locker Master:

Let’s be honest, one of the best part of using an Android phone is the sheer amount of customization that’s possible. If you like your phone looking exactly the way you want, down to front size, then Locker Master is definitely your best bet. Locker Master has a huge catalog of free wallpapers for download, and its perks all revolve around being able to customize your lock screen. The possibilities with Locker Master are nearly unlimited, giving you access to tons of free feature that you can tweak until looks absolutely perfect.

  1. LokLok:

This is a lock which is not exactly a lock screen. Isn’t irony it? But this lock screen is much more fun than any lock screen could be. It is recommended to try this lock screen app if the user wants to have some fun but the fun along with friends and not alone. The idea of the app is simple. Install this app on the user’s device along with their friends and form a group. The people in the group will have the same lock screen. So, now the user can just draw and done. That is going to be updated with others members of the group, who will soon see it when they pick their devices.

  1. SlideLock Locker:

Are you an iPhone escapee who still feels a bit sentimental towards Apple’s slide-to-unlock lockscreen? Fret not, because this fantastic lock screen app will fill that slide-shaped hole in your life. Using SlideLock, you can unlock your Android device by sliding from left to right along the bottom of the screen. You also get actionable notification just like in Lollipop, which you can tap to go to them or swipe to dismiss them. Sliding from right to left takes you straight to the camera.

  1. Semper:

Formerly known as UnlockYourBrain, this app keeps your brain ticking by including simple mathematics and vocabulary exercise every time you unlock your screen. Does this mean you can’t access your phone if you don’t know what 12*8 is, or what ‘el amigo’ translates to? No, thankfully UnlockYourBrain lets you skip questions and access your phone anyway, so no pressure.

  1. CM Locker:

This one is a slide to unlock function that will also prevent battery drain by cleaning out apps your battery from the home screen. It can also be set to take a picture of anyone who tries to unlock your device with the wrong code. Now, the user can identify the person who tried to sneak into the phone which the user’s knowledge.

  1. Alarm Antitheft Screen Lock:

As the name say, this app does an excellent job. This is what it does when someone tries to sneak into one’s phone the alarm triggers. The app is available for free in Play Store. This app has other features which could be unlocked in the in-app purchases. I recommend this app to anyone who has ever had their phone stolen or fears that it might happen.

  1. Dashclock Widget:

Dashclock is completely free and is a great all around app. It acts as a widget on your home screen to display any data that you so wish. It is far superior to the default lock screen on Android because of ho nice and neat it looks. It is very simple to set up too, all you do is enable the widget and turn it on in your security settings. It has amazing reviews on the marketplace and more than 1 million total installations.

  1. Go Locker:

It is a standout amongst the most beautiful Android lock screen applications. The app offers a wide range of themes. Go Locker is especially meant to act as a beautiful and interesting lock screen. You just can’t keep yourself from trying out new themes available. Interestingly, it supports Gesture unlocking as well. This lock screen app is hugely popular with over 100 million downloads. The free version comes with a lot of unique themes as well as the ability to rad message on the lock screen.

  1. Holo Locker:

A throwback to some of the very original Android lock screens, Holo Locker allows you to put very minimalist lock screen right on your phone. I recommend this for users who want something very non CPU intensive and want something to look amazing. Not much features offered, still, it is good enough if you having a low-end device.

  1. Start Lock Screen:

Start is a lockscreen app which differs from every other application on this list. You can access various apps by swiping in a number of different directions from the unlock icon at the bottom of your display. If you swipe from the left side of the display, you’ll be able to access a number of different applications that are going to be there, listed vertically. On top of all this, Start also has some customization options for you to check out.

  1. My Locker:

My Locker is a highly customizable lockscreen for your smartphone. This app you change a number of things, including the clock, date, weather widget design, fonts, colors, icons, widgets, etc. There are tons of options packed into this app, and if you’re looking to get your lockscreen to look a very specific way, this be your best bet. This app is free to sue, though in-app purchases are included, just in case you’d like to spend some cash on in game stuff.

  1. NiLS Lock Screen Notifications:

NiLS is not your regular lockscreen app, well, not only your regular home screen app. This application, in addition to delivering notification on your lockscreen, it can send notification in the ‘heads-up’ format, and display them over any app. Now, unlike the regular heads-up notification feature, this app offers quite a few additional options, and it’s quite customizable at that.

  1. Screen Lock Guardian:

Screen Lock Guardian focuses more on security than most lock careen apps. The way that it works is that you set it up with a lock code of some sort and anyone who tries to get in will have their picture taken by your front facing camera. It’s also completely free.

  1. Solo Locker:

One of the most loved lock screen alternatives. It comes baked in with a different approach – Do it Yourself. You get powerful customization features by which you can set the preferred design. It offers a VIP in- app purchase which lets you enable the ability to turn off the weather/news side button on the lock screen. It is nice, looks good and feature-rich as well.

  1. C Locker Pro:

C Locker Pro is a sizable lock screen package that offers a ton of features and shortcuts to refine your lock screen. There are more than 30 custom shortcuts you can create to make calls, access apps or read notifications from your preferred social network. One of our favorite options is being able to double- or triple-tap your screen to turn it off – a feature usually reserved for thigh –end phones.

  1. Jet Locker:

A simple lock screen alternative for Android. In addition, it contains in-app advertisement but does not offer an in-app purchase to get rid of them. It provide an option to enabled Parallax 3D effects. If it works as expected on your device, it would make your lock screen look cooler.


Frankly, there are various lock screen app for android present in the Google Play store. However, in this article there are only 23 of them which are listed. The above given 23 are the best lock screen app for android and the commonly used ones, so go ahead and try them out.

That’s all from my side, try out these lock screen replacement apps and let me know if you know of any other great lock screen app that deserves to be on my list. Sound off in the comments section below.