Try These 8 Free Calling Apps to Cut Down Your Expense Massively

Free-Calling-AppThe time of spending penny for making a call to our family and friends at home and across the world is over with the advancement of technology. Today we have lots of calling apps for free to make voice and video calls to our favorite people. I described 8 best free calling apps to save your money in this article.


#8 Imo

Imo is one of the best Android apps for free video and audio calls. You will feel like at home while making a call to your near and dear ones across the globe through imo. You can make high quality video and audio calls by imo. Imo is also superb in group calling. It is bit slow in texting but it provides bunch of amazing stickers to share with your family and friends. Overall, imo is a good pick for free video and audio calls.


#7 Tango-Free Video Call & Chat

Tango was the first in row since free video calling apps began to hit the market. In fact, it is considered to be the best video calling app even now. You can send photos, videos, texts, stickers, location messages to your friends and make voice and video calls on Tango. Additionaly, while in a video call you can play games with your friends too. Group call is also possible in Tango and you can share your photos and videos with friends and family around the world in a social platform.


#6 WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the #1 messenger for text messaging in the world currently. It is the fastest text messenger among all the messengers. Though it is best for text messaging, sending and receiving photos, videos, documents and audio files, you can also make voice and video calls in whatsapp. It gives you relief from signing system, because you get your account with your phone number. Whatsapp web is also available for which you can also use whatsapp from your PC. Whatsapp easily get you connected with your friends by taking their contacts from your address book. Finally, all your data in whatsapp can be stored in cloud or somewhere else you want.



#5 KakaoTalk: Free Calls &Text

More than 150 million people around the globe uses KakaoTalk for free video and audio calls. It is a very fast and reliable messaging app. You can send and receive photos, videos and voice notes and also make high quality voice calls individually or in a group. Kakaotalk has emoticons and stickers it its item store. It has also voice filter where you can make fun calls with talking Tom and Ben’s voice filters. Moreover, you can see who is reading your messages, share your location, schedule appointments etc in Kakaotalk.



#4 LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Line is one of the best free call apps in play store. You can make free voice and video calls to your friends and family from Line with your device or PC. Line has social platform as you can share your daily activities on your timeline with your friends and family and also interact in your friends timeline. You can connect with group of your friends and family in Line. And while calling you can send amazing stickers to your friends to make the conversation more interesting. You can also make international calls to mobile or landline in a comparatively low price from Line.



#3 Viber

Viber is an amazing messenger app to get attached with your favorite people. You can make free voice and video calls to your near and dear ones with HD sound quality. Instant video message function of viber is also great useful when you are in a hurry. Some of it’s features are secured communication, trusted contacts, using loads of stickers, you can play viber games through viber messenger, follow public accounts, turn on location etc. Two interesting features of this app is you can delete a text or voice message after sending and you can hide particular part of your chats and get them back later.



#2 Skype

Skype is undoubtedly the best free video calling app available for moblie, tablets and PC. More than 500 million people across the world use skype for face to face video call. You can make group video calls in skype with around 25 people. Also you can make a voice call with up to 25 people. Moreover, you can add 300 people in a group chat. Like other messaging apps, you can share photos, videos, stickers, emojis and your location etc. Skype is widely used in official meeting purposes.



#1 Facebook Messenger

Facebook launched the version of facebook messenger on August 9, 2011 and video calling in the facebook messenger app on April 27, 2015. Group chats are very nicely organized in facebook messenger. Though facebook messenger is the latest addition in free calling apps, I listed it #1 because of its fast and reliable free voice and video calling and more people are active in facebook today and they don’t have to use other apps for video and voice calls. Sharing photos, videos, documents, zip files upto 25 MB at a time, sending and receiving stickers is also amazing. Moreover, you can record voice messages while your recipient are on offline and send to them. You can find out your friends seen your messages or not and also they are in online or offline. Interestingly, you can run other apps of your phone simultaneously while chatting with your friends or in a video call with them.


Facebook messenger is my pick for free voice and video calls because of its advantages. Let me know your ones through comment.