11 Best Tech News Apps To Keep Yourself Updated Every Moment

Best Tech News Apps

Tech apps are one of the, sadly, least downloaded apps on your App Store or Google Play Store because most either find them pointless or boring or they just don’t know about them. Though you might not necessarily need a tech news app and keep tab on tech news from around the world just using any other ordinary news app, there is still a difference in the news being delivered to you.

Here is a list of the 11 best tech news apps, including normal news apps and apps made specifically for tech news.


01# TechChurch


The app store description of TechChurch goes as “ an unparalleled source of information about stories of startups, Silicon Valley, venture capital, gadgets, apps, and more.” This app is amazing in that it also allows you to get customized news on topics of your interest and also browse TechChurch headlines. TechChurch is one of the few tech news apps, so it is no surprise seeing it among the 11 best tech news apps.


02#  Flipboard: News for Any Topic


Another app that lets you customize your preferred news, it has the latest tech news from around the world delivered to you from top-notch sources. This app is free and plus while you get your head around the latest technology news you can also catch with the latest news in business, politics, etc. Flipboard curates news from your favorite topics for your insight and inspiration.


03#  CNET: Best tech news and Reviews


This app is specifically designed to deliver tech news. It claims to be the #1 tech news app. Alongside tech news, it also provides with the in-depth reviews and videos on the latest technology and helps you stay ahead of the game with recommendations from experts.



04#  Engadget: Technology features

Another app by AOL Inc., this app brings to you news, reviews and insider insights on technology before they even make their debut in the market. This gives you up to the minute news from news, tech videos and hands-on look at all the gadgets. Though some may argue to website version is better, which it honestly is, given that the font is too small and the highlights aren’t updated often, this app is still amazing for on the go tech news.


05# Popular Science

popular science

This app is a deal breaker. This app is made for the Popular Science magazine, which has all the news for technology fans, early adopters, and thought leaders. And to back up just how lit this magazine is you can ask their readership of 6.4 million who can stand up for these claims. Popular science puts the latest news in gadgets, robotics, and software in the palm of your hands.


06# USA Today

usa today

USA Today is another news app, and just like any other news app, it has an entire section dedicated to technology news. It is an app you cannot go wrong with. It may not have in-depth coverage and other special features like other tech news apps but it is very handy and perfect for a quick catching up on a daily basis.


07#  Tech in Asia

tech in asia

Tech in Asia as the name suggests offers latest technology and startup news in Asia. From news about hottest startups and Tech Giants such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Alibaba, WeChat, etc. Your ultimate one time package to keep up with technology and startup scene in Asia. This is a pick in the 11 best tech news apps for the fact it covers everything within the Asian community.


08#  Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand is your ultimate, all-in-one stop for tech news. It has news from various news sources like the Guardian, The New York Times and TechChurch. It is a bank of news and allows you to dig up through various sources and fill up on information that other source might have left out. You can also browse through topics, which means you can get technology news from all the sources.


09# BBC News


BBC News is perhaps the most cited newspaper in the world. It delivers news to yourself from certified sources. It allows you to access the most recent news on technology at the touch of your finger from around the world. This app has a section that allows you customize your own news, with an entire section dedicated to technology


10# Appy Geek- Tech News

appy geek

This app is another new edition to the tech news apps but definitely among the top in this list of the 11 best tech news apps. This apps let you personalize your news from over a million topics. You can also add and follow people who partake in your interest. You can also complete in app articles and follow tags of your choice.


11# Mashable


Ah! The king of digital news. Mashable has become a leading digital company in the recent years and this app is a result of it. Truly a competitor for other well-known news networks like BBC, the Mashable news app provides you with a variety of information from trusted sources. Though this app had its last update a year ago, it doesn’t fall short in many categories, hence a spot in the 11 best tech news apps.


These were the 11 best tech news app compiled by us. All these apps are very similar and yet very different and each have a special character that helps them stand out among the array of apps making it to the market now.