17 Best Camera Apps for Android to be a Complete Mobile Photographer!


Camera is one of the main parts we give priority while buying a smart phone. Most of the times only the hardware part is not enough to take great pictures. Different photo editor apps can  transform your photo from simple to superb within a moment. There are loads of camera applications in internet for Android. In this article, I listed my favorite 17 best camera apps for Android. Let’s Get started…


#17 Sweet Selfie Candy New Name

If you are looking for the better camera application for taking amazing selfies, then you must try this one. It smartly auto beautifies pictures. The attractive part of this camera app is it has awesome selfie filters and also you can share your selfies with your friends in facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Moreover, it has some unique features like mirror photo camera, supporting selfie stick, real time filter affects etc.


#16 HD Camera ultra

HD camera ultra is a nice app to make the pictures of your phone excellent and professional. Interface of this app is very simple. It offers amazing features such as exposure, extra photo effects, focus mode, optical/digital zoom, white balance etc. Thus, it will improve the quality and flexibility of your pictures and you will love it.


#15 Prisma

Prisma has been very popular photo app in social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. Filtering photos via prisma and sharing with friends has considered as strong following trend. The secret of this success is using wonderful artworks. Prisma offers modern art filters and stunning photo effects which make this so popular within very short time.


#14 BestMe Selfie Camera

BestMe selfie camera has the best rating of 4.6 with more than 10 million downloads in Google play store. It has many features in common with Sweet Selfie Candy New Name like special editor for selfie, Halo real-time filter, mirror photo camera, emoji-grid photo etc. It offers many extra features like real-time collage, filter grid real-time filter, mirror real-time filter,  sticker designed for selfie, 125 exact real-time filters, choosing vignette etc.


#13 InstaSquare Size Collage Maker

Cropping a photo for posting on Instagram is genuinely not okay. For sharing full square size photo on Instagram without cropping InstaSquare Size Collage Maker is the best photo application. It offers varieties of backgrounds, best frame, funny stickers etc. It is a powerful collage maker app with around hundred layouts, smiley’s and emoji’s tags where you can collage your photos with SquareLite. Additionaly, it is very useful photo editor to create snap photos comparing to other camera editors.


#12 Pixlr-Free Photo Editor

Pixlr, formerly known as Pixlr Express is a better app to make your photo awesome. It covers almost all the features that a photo editor need. You can use Auto Fix to balance out color, Double Exposure for layer multiple photos and blending them, creating photo collages, texting in your photo after masking, right border application, resizing images etc. Finally you can share your edited photos on social network sites easily.


#11 Snapchat

Snapchat has been a strong trend among people in recent times. You can take snap with amazing effects, fun filters and more. Snapchat has chat functions to share your photos and videos with your friends instantly. Stories and discover is part of snapchat where you can find your friends activities and explore world’s big events happening in no time. Moreover, memories segment helps you to keep a personal collection of your favorite snaps stories.


#10 VSCO

VSCO is quite different from other photo editor in the list. You need to have a account in VSCO. It has 3 steps to experience- Create, Discover & Connect. Create- capture an image, edit it and publish it to your VSCO profile. Discover- explore info from the people, community you followed in VSCO profile. Connect- You find and follow people from across the world in VSCO community.


#9 B612-Take, Play, Share

B612 is available for Android 4.3 and above devices. It is an amazing photo editor to get attached with your friends. It includes 100 beauty filters and 200 animated stickers that makes selfies look different and nice. You can chat with your friends and they will not be erased before 24 hours. Thus you can invite your friends to chat here by exchanging selfies. You can also share your photos and videos on the social media with your friends.


#8 Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is a powerful camera app with many awesome effects and filters.  It helps you greatly to become a pro in photo editing. Its features include multiple filters, color balance, amazing photo effects and frames, stickers, color temperature & Splash,  creating own memes, creating photo collage, adding text etc.


#7 BeautyPlus- Easy Photo Editor

BeautyPlus is suitable for those who are anime lover. You can turn your photos into animated collages through this camera app. Features of BeautyPlus are live auto-retouch, magic brush, skin editor etc along with photo filters, crop, blur etc which are professional photo editing. It includes some additional features like built in selfie timer, multiple face recognition, improved lighting functions etc. Moreover, it works both in the front-camera and back camera.


#6 Retrica

Retrica holds a strong position among the photo editors in Google play store with over 100 million downloads and 4.3 rankings. It has real-time filters and shuffle filters. You can create GIF from videos and collages. You can make your own photo album with your besties to share photos and videos together. Retrica also provides its original stamp to design your photos and videos.


#5 PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt helps you to spot trend the world follows and get engaged. Like the current trend is breastfeeding. You can also make trend with your mind-blowing pictures. It offers filters, photo blending, clipart packs, stickers, collage maker etc. It introduced new magic AI-powered effects which will add art to your photos. Additional features are such as making memes, double exposure, drawing pictures etc.


#4 Photo Grid: Photo Collage Maker

Photo Grid: Photo Collage Maker is the most popular photo collage editor with over 100 million downloads in Google play store. You can make a beautiful picture by adjusting several photos with classical and funny layouts in this camera application. Scrapbook of Photo Grid will allow you to add photos, stickers and texts to a customized background. You can also create video slides in this app using photos, texts and background music. Additional features are filter effects, templates, stickers, exporting high resolution images etc.


#3 Camera360 – Photo Editor

Camera360 is another popular photo editor among the Android users around the world. It connects people globally with creative photography. It includes selfie and beauty camera, multiple filters, poster camera, cartoon effects, sketch and funny stickers, photo collage, photo grid etc. Camera360 has one additional feature that makes it so popular. Besides sharing your memorable moments with your friends on social media, you can discover latest image and info of your interests, find and follow your type of people and also you can share favorite pictures and watch videos.


#2 Candy Camera

It is estimated that 7 million people take selfies everyday around the world using candy camera. It is top contender for the top place along with  of Cymera. It has around 30 filter effects. Filters for selfies, beauty functions, stickers, making collages are its important features. It offers silent mode that helps you to not disturb others in any occasion. Candy camera is very helpful to share photos on social media. Moreover, exciting features get added with every latest update.


#1 Cymera

Cymera is the most popular photo editor in Google play store with around 100 million downloads. It’s decent features too strengthens the claim to put it in the top spot. Features are perfect skin makeover, 130 filters to take instant selfies, auto face recognition, effects to make pictures pop, 7 different camera lenses, making collage up to nine, 200 different types of natural hair and makeup items etc. Cymera has easy and fast editing tools. Bluetooth connection are available to connect selfie stick. Like other camera apps you can share your photos on Facebook, Instagram through Cymera too. Interestingly, it supports 10 more languages like Korean, German, Japanese, Russian etc along with English.


There are so many options for you to choose the best camera app for your Android device. Choose the best camera app, make your pictures excellent great and have fun!!!