13 Best Browsers for Android that Provide Fastest and Safest Experience


Web browsers are the part and parcel of any android device. A better browser can shift your mood by providing amazing browsing experience. There are so many alternatives to choose specifically one browser for your device in this competitive tech era. A fast browser can save your time whereas a secured browser can protect your data. At the same time, a browser can have both the features that you want. Therefore, it is very tough job to select one browser for your device from so many numbers. I have listed 13 best web browsers for android in this article. For getting the best android browser you have to wait till the last one!!!


#13. Link Bubble- Time Saver Browser

Chris Lacy, developer of this browser, makes this browser unique by focusing on saving time. After clicking on a link, Link Bubble will load the web page in the background and create a bubble. You can do other staffs on your device simultaneously. Once loading is finished, the browser will notify you instantly and you continue your work. Isn’t it time consuming?


#12. Mercury

Mercury is one of the fastest android browser available in play store. It provides functions such as Customize Search Engine, Ad block, gesture controls,  flash support, bookmark, offline reading list, day&night mode etc which smoothes browsing and searching web pages. Mercury includes private mode, passcode and history&cookies cleaner  through which you can control your privacy and security.


#11. Flynx

Flynx saves time by loading links in the background and allowing you to do other staffs in your device just like Link Bubble browser. It saves mobile data through escaping adds from different WebPages. Tapping a link twice from any app you can save articles offline and read them later. It allows you to share your favorite links to social sites. Easy-on-eyes view of the Flynx gives you the chance to focus only on productive content.


#10. Chrome Beta

Chrome beta is different from Google chrome. You can learn what new features Google is about to bring in Google Chrome through this. It brings frequent updates of Google which allows you to get familiar with new features before others. Basically, chrome beta is developed for testing purposes. Therefore, it is suitable for developers rather than being used as a primary browser.


#9. APUS Browser

APUS browser is a very useful browser which is sized only around 3MB. Being a lightweight android browser, it is full with many useful features such as speed mode, full screen mode, night mode, Ad block, download etc. One of its unique feature is no image mode(image off) by which you can save your data at a huge margin. Also installing turbo engine can boost your browsing experience greatly!!!


#8. Puffin

Puffin web browser is the fastest android browser offered by CloudMosa Inc. It gives a very different web browsing experience. Basically, US android users will get much benefit from this browser. Puffin is six times faster than Google chrome. It’s unique feature is it supports Adobe Flash content very smoothly. Remote servers are used to download and stream flash videos and games in your android device. It offers a virtual mouse pad, track pad and gamepad along with data compression, privacy mode and many add-ons etc.


#7. Ghostery Privacy Browser

The title hints the high level of privacy in this browser. It uses largest tracker database with more than 2200 trackers. After  putting a website in the search bar, a ghost icon in the right will give you an instant overview about the trackers that you should allow or block. You can also clear your history, cookies which are features as additional privacy. Thus, it is considered as one of the best browser for security and privacy.


#6. CM Browser

CM browser is considered as one of the best secure web browser in the Google play store. It has a very simple and minimal UI and fast browsing experience. It protects your browsing from malicious websites unbelievably. Some of its features include speed dial, page translator, personalized bookmarks, night mode, private browsing etc.


#5. Dolphin

Flash player, custom gestures and add-on support make Dolphin unique from other browsers. You can use your voice(Sonar) or write just letters(Gesture Bookmark) to search your favorite websites. It offers pop-up blocker, easy sync, incognito browsing, fast download, clean UI and fast navigation etc. Thus, it is regarded as one of the best android browser.


#4. Firefox

If you are very much addictive with Firefox browser in your PC, you hardly have to look for other browsers for your android devices. It will give you the experience of smart, fast and private web.  You can sync Firefox over your devices with a Firefox account.  It will bring your favorite websites by intelligent search. Add-ons like download manager, ad blocker, password etc will allow you to personalize your browser. Privacy is very much protected in Firefox, the product of Mozilla which is voted as the top trusted internet company for privacy.  Moreover, casting to the big screen, sharing with ease and simple browser tabs make Firefox great.


#3. UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers available for android in Google play store. More than 10 million people reviewed this browser in the Google play store averaged 4.5 which is a landmark. It is best for downloading videos. UC browser offers fast and stable navigation, AD block, control videos with gestures, night mode etc. The unique feature of UC browser is facebook mode which speeds up facebook unbelievably.


#2. Opera

Opera claims itself among the top spots for best mobile browsers because of its data saving features. It compresses data such as images and videos to boost your browsing. Besides data compression, it comes up with the features of speed dial(you can save your useful websites fast), private browsing, ADblock, gesture control, smart news feeds etc. New search bar of opera supports QR code scanning.


#1. Chrome Browser

Chrome browser is undoubtedly the best browser for android with more than one billion downloads in Google play store. It allows to use ‘incognito mode’ where you can browse and your history will not be saved. With your Google account, you can open bookmarks and tabs from your PC, tablets etc. The most unique part of chrome is it manages saving data and faster browsing simultaneously. You can save your mobile data usage  up to 50% in chrome browser. Moreover, the option of Google voice search is also available in chrome which will modify your browsing experience.


These are the top android browsers according to downloads and ratings in Google play store. All of these browsers are free! So do you find any suitable browser for your device? Or you think I missed any popular android browser. If so, please let me know via comments below.