10 Best Android Plane Games that are ROCKING!


Have you ever wished to be a pilot and fly a real plane?  You can have the feel of being a pilot through various flying games.  Airplane games are normally harder to play than racing or other games. But still this games are considered as favorite pastime for many android users around the world.

Here I have discussed about 10 best android plane games that are rocking!!!


#1. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D


Flight Pilot Simulator offers you the most realistic flying experience with ultra 3G graphics and cool animations.  There are fun and challenging missions like rescue, rough landings, emergencies, fires etc in this game. Tons of real-life planes, exploring a huge open map and easier mobile controls oblige you to stick with the game.


#2. Air Fighters


It is the most advanced fighter jet combat and flight simulator for the android gamers. It offers realistic world maps and navigation, over 500 actual airports, 1,107 runways, aircraft carriers and real time weather conditions which force people to stick with this game. You can plan your tactical scenarios, test yourself in the world campaign and  fight against other planes in the dogfight.


#3. Air Control Lite


Air Control Lite is the airplane game where the job of a gamer is being a Air Traffic Controller instead of a pilot. This is a very simple and addictive game. The gamer direct airplanes to runways for avoiding collisions. It has two game modes-classic and puzzled. Users can submit their high scores in the internet.  “…one of the most adrenaline charged games available for the android platform.” -Android Geek Tips


#4. Airplane


This game has one of the best graphics in aero plane games of android. There are several destinations in the game where you have to land your plane with passengers or Cargo stuffs. You will get coins after every landing and with coins stored in your game you will be able to get higher  planes and different weather destinations. The most exciting part of this game is landing the plane which will gives you almost the real feeling of being a pilot.


#5. Aircraft Combat 1942


Don’t you want to play a plane game where you can use clever fighting strategy to kill your enemy along with varied and powerful weapons! It will give the opportunity to play the missions with 17 world war 2 warplanes of real history. This game holds the position for one of the most popular dogfight plane games among the android users. The aircraft control system of this game is very smooth and simple.  It’s exciting VFX effect attracts the users greatly.


#6. Air Navy Fighters


Air Navy Fighters  is an advanced mobile flight simulation game that merges flight and air combat missions,  realistic aircrafts and giant carriers, comprehensive training missions and tutorials and responsive controls and a great deal of missions. It features realistic game play and smooth graphics. In the game you are a navy pilot flying an F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft on various. You  have to destroy oil tankers and warships, escape attack of the enemy guns and helicopters, shoot your missiles and guns, refuel in the air , avoid radars, shoot thermal bombs to escape enemy missiles on the ground attack and landing operations. It will teach you strategies and the basics of controlling the jet and challenging with some intense missions.


#7. Avion Flight Simulator 2015


Avion Flight Simulator ™ 2015 is a sophisticated flight simulator that includes 12 planes, 4 detailed cities, and over 9 airports. The player can fly anything from single-engine aircraft to jumbo jets, with idealistic to realistic flight simulation experience. The game features an immersive set of 60+ missions, dynamic real-world weather system, trees and interactive clouds. There are 12 detailed aircrafts with cockpit view in it.



#8. Modern Warplanes


Modern Warplanes is the best action-simulator for android users now-a-days. You will visit to the world of modern military aeronautics. It gives users the opportunity to fight on all the best known pursuit planes and airborne interceptors of our generation. This is an online game which will allow you to fight against the real players from the wide variety of countries. Thus, people get more attracted to this game. It’s magnificent graphics is also a strong feature.


#9. Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D


Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D  is a highly advanced simulation game for the users of android. People can experience the controlling and flying a commercial airplane aircraft through this game. This game differs from other plane simulator games in presenting the realistic aero plane cockpit controls where you can  control the plane to fly safely through the air and helping the passengers to be landed on their destination on time. It offers 20 unique levels. Moreover, Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D uses real world simulated elements such as weather forecast: clear sky, rain, thunderstorms; turbulence, day and night cycle and plane crashes and smokes effects.


#10. Airplane Pilot Car Transporter


I would suggest this one as this is very different from other airplane games. The game begins with driving cars to the airport in a car truck and loading vehicles inside the big airplane. Once the cars are driven inside the cargo plane, your airplane is ready to board and ride the aircraft to the landing point. This game moves forward level by level that holds the interest not to quit the game.


So, what are you waiting for? Take off your plan right now and enjoy flying all over the virtual worlds. If you loved these awesome android plane games make sure you share it with your best buddies.

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