11 Best Battery Saver for Android to Save Your Battery from being Drained


Since after the revolution of smart phones, battery saving has been one of the significant issues for all the users. Although many smart phone companies provide built in power saving feature but that is not enough most of the time. And it is not always possible to carry a power bank for charging devices. Therefore, developers are working hard to bring different battery savers to boost battery performance.


#11. GSam Battery Monitor

App Sucker feature of this app helps you to find all your maximum battery consuming apps and sort them by CPU & sensor usage, wake time and app & kernel wakelocks. You can learn about how apps uses your battery through wakelocks. You can be learned about battery state and remaining time with a optional status bar notification in the app, besides  add a widget to your home screen to get informed about the battery state and remaining time.  Finally, it has a customizable alarm option which notify different charge conditions and battery health.


#10. Battery Defender-1 tap saver

Likewise the title, the features of this battery saver app are interesting with very simple UI. After installing the app in your Android device, enable it and it will start working. It maintains low battery policy which disable WIFI and data connection while your device is lacking battery. It automatically turn off WIFI and data connection just after shutting down your home screen. Moreover, if sleeping time is set in your device, it disable data connection and WIFI to save battery life.


#9. 2 Battery – Battery Saver

2 Battery is one of the best free battery saver app available for Android phones. It manages WIFI and data connections intelligently in the background. It has a built-in screen filter that maintains brightness according to battery state of device. By setting low battery level, you will get warning through low battery warning feature. Battery history feature of this app helps you to get the idea of battery consuming of a specific time. It supports day night in the free version and for night version you have to spend your penny to get the pro version. It provides 2 battery notification, 2 battery resizable widget, screen filter widget and battery widget in the home screen.


#8. GO Battery Saver&Power Widget

GO Battery Saver&Power Widget is a smart battery saver for your Android device. It indicates remaining time of your device’s battery accurately. It provides easy battery consumption optimization, healthy charging process, several widgets to increase battery performance and power saving mode etc.


#7 PowerPRO – Battery Saver

PowerPRO – Battery Saver is a very useful and easy UI based power saver. It includes fast optimization (detects all the apps consuming your battery and close them) and super optimization (saver your battery to use in most needed time) to boost battery life. It finds all the apps running in the background and how much battery they are consuming.


#6 Greenify

Greenify has been the best Android apps of 2013 of Lifehacker’s and top 3 best root apps of Android Authority. It puts misbehaving apps into hibernation mode when you are not running them. They will silently in active mood in the background until you open them. Greenify never collects your personal data instead of having accessibility facility.


#5 JuiceDefender – Best Battery App Android

JuiceDefender  has five preset modes which helps to improve battery life of your Android device. It also gives you the opportunity to complete customization to boost battery. JuiceDefender also allows Wifi, data connection control when your device is running out of battery. Additionally, it offers home screen battery widgets, location-wise WIFI control, battery consumption optimization and smart brightness control etc.


#4 Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver is considered as the most reliable battery app for Android phones. Just after opening the app, it will show you the remaining time of your device’s remaining battery life. You can select unnecessary apps to not function with “stop apps” to save battery life. There are five profiles in Avast Battery Saver- smart, work, home, night and emergency. Every profile has different activities to run. The simple UI of this battery saver makes it popular.


#3 360 battery- battery saver

360 battery- battery saver has three important features- battery time monitoring, power saving mode and battery charging time reducer. Battery time monitoring finds out all those apps which consumes more battery and they should be stopped. Power saving mode allows you to stop all the battery draining apps on the background with one click. Battery charging time reducer decreases battery consumption during the charging time. It also turn off apps which get activated through other apps after terminating.


#2 Battery Doctor (Power Saver)

Battery Doctor (Power Saver), developed by Clean Master development team, is a powerful and hugely popular battery saver in this category of Google play store. Special feature of this app is 1-tap power optimization that stops power consuming apps from running with only one click. It shows power remaining time of WIFI, movies, 2G/3G call time etc categorically. You can also control WIFI, Bluetooth, brightness, auto-lock after a certain time and sound from within this app. It also provides battery history, temperature etc. The free version of Battery Doctor (Power Saver) shows a little bit ads which you may find irritating.


#1  DU Battery Saver & Widgets

DU Battery Saver & Widgets is the number 1 battery saver app with more than 100 million downloads and 4.5 ratings (highest including all battery saver) in the Google play store. Like Battery Doctor, it detects battery power consumption apps and optimize those with one click. Additionally, it provides a home screen icon named ‘Optimize’  from where you also optimize and kill power consuming apps. It includes 4 modes in general and in addition you can add mode according to your will. It also has  a ‘smart’ option which notifies you about the background apps those consuming battery charge. Phone cooler manages CPU-intensive apps and thus protects hardware. ‘Charge’  feature  guarantees healthy charging.  DU Battery Saver & Widgets also provides battery history, battery usage ranking and manual control of WIFI, brightness, ringtone, airplane mode, vibrate mode etc.


Among all this Android battery savers, DU Battery Saver & Widgets is my favorite one. If you find one from these apps, let me know through comment.