10 Best Android Physics Games that Will Blow Your Mind with Logic

Although mobile gaming wasn’t the epitome of coolness back in the days, they now seem to have garnered quite some attention. Whether you’re fond of the lightweight Sudoku games or the high-end Shadowgun Legends, Android has something for everybody.

Out of all those games, one genre that never ceases to amaze is the physics-based one. These games have always been stealing the spotlight due to their addictive nature. I can remember myself going on for hours when I first started such games.

Aside from being addictive, physics-based games also reflect how much our mobile technology has advanced today. Thanks to accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer, smartphones today pose a great competition to handheld consoles like Sony Vita and Nintendo 3DS. The sheer implementation of gravity, velocity, and inertia spice things up even more.

Over the course of this piece, we’ll go over 10 best Android physics games that are certain to lift your spirits. Let’s get started.

1. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Every physics fanatic should try out Brain It On!, a minimalistic puzzle game where you draw objects on the screen to clear increasingly harder levels. In this game, each level starts with instructions like ‘place the ball in the orange box’ or ‘knock over a glass with a giant squiggle’.

Once you’re done drawing, the items will turn into solid objects, interacting with its surroundings, ultimately, helping you clear the stage. So for instance, if you draw a ball at the top of the screen, it’ll drop and bounce for a while. Draw it at the bottom and you’ll see the ball barely move.

Although you can’t actually control the drawn objects, you can come up with more shapes for a chain reaction. Meaning that your problems solving skills will go through sheer test here.

That said, the best part of this 80-level puzzler is none of the levels comes with a constant solution. You must test things out and use your imaginations in order to push through.

This game offers you 5 open levels at once. Once you unlock 4 of them, you can unveil the next 5. While you can play and unlock the levels for free, you can also buy puzzle packs to hack yourself into the advanced stages.

Plus, each level offers you 3 stars to earn. One for solving the level, one for doing it in time and one for doing it with a certain amount of shapes.

Although scoring more stars poses a great challenge, you can’t unlock future levels if you don’t have the right amount of it. Nonetheless, you can always buy the stars for a shortcut.

2. Roll the Ball

This puzzle game is an amalgamation of Pipe Mania and classical sliding-tile experience, alongside extra gameplay mechanics. This game basically requires you to move the tiles to make way for the ball to reach its goal.

Although the initial levels don’t bother much, the advanced stages sure pose you quite some challenges. This 60-level puzzler gives you the chance to net a total of 180 stars, which you need to unlock the game levels.

Although the final version comprises a few issues here and there, don’t be pissed because this game could’ve come out far worse, especially considering it is free.

While most of the colors are earth tones alongside a vibrant touch, the overall graphics of this game is extremely neat. Plus, the big and highlighted buttons make it a lot easier to navigate stuff. That said, there aren’t many graphic details to discuss as this is a simple 2D puzzler.

Although moving the blocks and running the ball cause sounds, there isn’t any background music in this game. However, there was more scope of variables, providing that a single 2 second sound keeps repeating while the ball rolls. To square it off, Roll the Ball contains a banner ad below the game which doesn’t bother at all.

3. 8 Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is a simple and relaxing, yet mind-twisting puzzle game that puts your imagination and uniqueness on a test. Solving every level leads you to increasingly tougher levels.

The graphics of this game is skin deep, while the animations are seamless, colors well-regulated, coupled with an engaging adventure.

This game comprises simple controls (taps) and menus that you can easily hide, giving you fewer distractions when gaming.

As the game takes a lot of brain exercise to arrive at a solution, being patient and logical is your way to go.

Although there are a lot of rooms for improvement, their approval of replaying the game makes up for all of it.

4. Rube’s Lab

This is an extremely interactive game challenging you to protect Rube’s lab from the hands of Dr. Evil. This game requires you to build blocks that drive the moving basketball to collect items like gems and keys.

Shiny graphics, big and colorful buttons along with creative background catapults your gaming experience.

The levels get harder as you go on and you really need to punish your brain to come up with solutions. However, the quick restart system takes off the frustration of waiting.

This game comprises 40 levels of challenging journey. You are also rated with stars out of 3.

And to top things off, this game comes absolutely free.

5. Build a Bridge!

This game requires you to build budget-friendly yet lasting bridges between two lands by tapping your phone screens.

You can build and adjust the pieces to your needs. Vehicles can only go through bridges built with wood or steel, which is stronger and more expensive, or cables which are longer and more costly.

When you approach a new level, test it out by using as fewer items as you can. And because there are no penalties for going wrong, this is the best approach in terms of being a mindful builder.

Regardless of which approach you take, you’re going to require a ton of patience and brainwork. So be prepared.

6. Where’s My Water? 2

This game comes with charming characters coupled with a cartoonish graphics. The in-app purchase is a new addition that may lure kids if frustrated. Once you’re through the first 30 levels, you have to pay or get others’ help to keep playing. This new arrival allows you to play in 3 new locations – the sewer, the soap factory and the beach.

Here you have to make way for water or steam to flow, while collecting ducks and other bonuses. The controls are very simple: you have to swipe the screen in order to carve a path through the dirt for the water to flow. Here you can pick between 3 characters – Swampy, Allie, and Cranky – although each one is barely associated with the gameplay.

However, the setback is that this game doesn’t allow you consecutive play hours. There’s this energy meter drain as you progress that must be recharged after a certain amount of levels. You can either wait or pay in real money to get around this. However, the recharge is absurdly priced, although would suck in lots of people due to the excitement.

All in all, if you’re looking for an intriguing game with plenty of alligators and things to collect, then this is your go-to.

7. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the rope 2 features Om Nom, a candy fanatic, venturing to gobble his stolen sweets by solving puzzles. Here you have to cut the dangling ropes timely to deliver the sweets to Om Nom, while collecting as many stars as possible. Conversely, there are missions where you have to deliver On Nom to the candies. Good reflex will be a big plus as this game requires you swiping the screen on the go.

This game still contains bright, vibrant colors alongside adorably drawn anime characters. Thanks to the shiny new graphics, Om Nom looks more adorable and expressive than ever. As you solve the puzzles, Om Nom will be standing there reacting. Although the lines appear sharper, and the backgrounds are more detailed, there’s no chance of you distracting from the foreground action.

Even though this ain’t your long-time entertainment domain, the overall fast-paced genre will have you giggling all the way through.

8. X Construction

X construction is a highly physics-reliant game where you must connect girders to construct bridges transporting the trains over large valleys. Built it too fragile and you’ll see it break with a screaming sound in the background. However, you can always turn off this sound if you’re too sensitive to them.

First, connect girders to make the bridge. Now press go and cross your fingers as the train passes over the bridge hoping it doesn’t fall apart. Make sure to keep your tabs on the red girders as they indicate weaknesses in your design. This signal helps you point out weak points and fix them with some quick taps.

9. aTilt 3D Labyrinth

The aTilt 3D Labyrinth is an arcade maze game with holes and a steel marble. Here you need to tilt the playfield in order to roll the balls into the goal holes, walls and rotating pieces, while avoiding the trap falls.

Whether you’re a gaming fanatic or a wannabe, this game allows you to set the difficulty to your preference. Further, the 3D graphics and psychics of this piece is cool enough to sweep people off their feet. On top of that, this game lets you create & share your personal levels online.

All in all, if you’re looking for a free, addictive and challenging time killer, then the 258-map crammed aTilt 3D Labyrinth is your way to go.

10. Gears logic puzzles

Gears Logic Puzzles is a simple mechanical puzzle game assuring you a ton of challenge. This game requires you to arrange the loose pieces in such a way that the gears start spinning in the right direction.

There’s an option of getting more gears if you’re actually not able to figure things out. However, this game also comprises many interesting sides like:

  • Making you think out of the box
  • Making you think logically
  • Training you to be more enduring

This game comes with ads, however, the ads aren’t as intruding as other puzzle games, allowing you to skip them after watching the first few seconds.

The Wrap Up

Although I’ve pumped out this top 10 game list, there’s no denying that some of you won’t like any of these. So, test them all out and see what thrills you.


Which physics games do you love the most?

Would you like me to expand the given list of games?

Let me know in the comments below.