5 Best Android Gallery Apps of 2017 (QuickPic is my Favorite)


Gallery is important in our life because it keeps our memories lively whether the persons exist in our lives or not. To keep your photos saved categorically and organized in different folders, of course you need to have the best gallery app installed in your phone. It will be absurd if we expect that all the gallery apps will do the same work. Some of the apps really work fast because their programs are short yet strong and adequate so they work in less time. On the contrary, if you are stuck in unnecessary enlarged gallery app that works really slowly as tortoise, you are warmly welcome to change your gallery app because there are plenty of options left out there. Whether it comes to sorting pics or hiding them away or wanting something real quick and smart for your Android, then you can go through these best gallery apps for Android.


#5. 3D photo gallery and album

This one has some 3D animations and graphics that give it a more unique look. It works well enough and photos tend to load at a reasonably good speed. There is also a built in lightweight editor by using it you can do the basic things cropping, rotating, editing your pictures accordance to your preferences. Furthermore, you can always check the details of your images, set them as wallpaper and also can hide pictures. The only disadvantage of this app is you cannot move pictures from one folder to another folder.


#4. Gallery

This app is really good looking and comes with easy to use interface. You can organize your images based on time, tag etc which is one of the best features Gallery app serves. I mostly love it’s UX and cross-device support systems. You can also use this Gallery app in your Andorid wear devices. I must say this app is a little bit aggressive about ads. However, if your data mode is off you are not going to view any ads.


#3. Flick moment gallery-slideshow

This is made with video show team which has almost 100 million users are using this app, so you can guess how awesome this app is!. It has powerful slideshow gallery which is one of the highest user rating. Its fast, lightweight and anybody can easily create dynamic albums so it would become easier to share it with friends. It automatically organizes your photos according to events, date, time and location. Moreover, the highlight moments can easily be viewed as slideshow video with just only one tap which is really nice. You can also select your pictures as favorites and keep them separately.


#2. F-stop media gallery key

It replaces clunky stock gallery with a lightweight fast gallery that organize properly all the photos and videos in mobile. This app is fully optimized for Android 6.0+ including material design. It can also instantly search through your all photos to find results based on file name and media data such as tags. It also gives you the chance to browse your media on a map with Google map experience. It can also play animated Gifs, hides your photos from other folders with password protection, slideshow mode is also can be activated with popular transaction system. Overall, it does have all the good quality which a user wants.


#1. Quickpic Gallery

If you want a fast, modern and lightweight gallery app for your phone all in once then without spending a second thought you can go for this app! This app is truly a blessing for users that’s why almost ten million users are using this app on their androids. Right now it has got rating 4.6, significantly smaller than other apps but packs more power and does work wonder! Along with HD quality it has colorful themes, modern design, transparent layer and immersive user interface. Quick app launching, views thousands photos instantly, powerful file management features including sort, rename, create folder, moving and copying data it does all the work smoothly. Along with multiple media support, it has internal picture editor which gives you the chances to edit your pictures according to your wants. This app also supports multiple online album services including Picasa, Google drive etc.


This article was to help you out choosing best gallery app for your android. It it helps you a bit it would be more than good and also if we missed any app then don’t forget to drop your comment below. Thank you.