6 Best Android Calendar Apps to Make Your Schedule Management Easier

android calendar apps

Calendar has been playing an important role to run with time since the beginning of modern civilization. Android calendar apps are full of useful features to help us scheduling our time in easier ways and they are being upgraded day by day. We always try to have the most advanced calendar app on our Smartphone. I described 6 of my favorite calendar apps in this article:

#6. Cal Calendar

I included Cal Calendar in this list for its unique, flowing design and ease of use. It comes with a variety of features including support for Exchange and Google Calendar, real time sync, work/life balance, focus finding, android widgets, navigation, task tracker, widgets, voice entry and many more. It has direct integration with Any.do which makes it more useful.


#5. Jorte

Jorte syncs with Microsoft Office 365 where Jorte premium members can sync their Office 365 calendar to Jorte. It syncs with Evernote too. Jorte offers diary feature and you can add photos in the events. Jorte cloud is available which multi device syncing and backup system is. Jorte Cloud and Google Calendar can be synced on the PC by Jorte. Jorte supports 27 languages in the world which indicates that how much popular it is!!


#4. DigiCal

The design of DigiCal is very simple. It has seven calendar views and 6 widget views. DigiCal syncs with all your calendars. Some of its important features are weather forecast, pre-set widget themes, location search and image match, smart action bar etc. DigiCal has one particularly interesting feature that it can use the GPS on your Smartphone to tell you how far you are from a scheduled event.


#3. Business Calendar

Seeing the title you can easily guess that this calendar app may help you largely if you are a businessman. Business Calendar is a complete calendar app with highest standards. It is developed with a variety of features such as Quick Day View, favorite bar, zoom for better and intuitive interaction, smooth scroll and many more. Free version of this app is ad-supported with full functional but there is a pro version without ads which has more features.


#2. aCalendar

This is one of the most popular and feature-heavy calendar apps in this list. It has two versions- free with no ads and $4.99 version where you can get even more features. It offers features like intuitive navigation with smooth transitions between day, week and month view; moon phases, flexible recurrences, Google calendar management and so on. Its widgets are better than Google Calendar widget like you can select different sizes for widget for displaying a daily, weekly or monthly range.


#1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is undoubtedly the most popular calendar app for android users. You are required to have a Gmail account to use this app. All your important events are added to your calendar automatically via your Gmail in this app. You can use to-dos besides your events in the app. You can add your personal goals and time will be managed automatically by the calendar. You can see all your future events at a glance just scrolling from up to down. Google Calendar recently added a schedule view which displays a continuous list of forthcoming events rather than showing a daily or weekly view. Google Calendar works with all other calendars on your phone.


We have the option to have all our daily scheduled tasks prepared in our Smartphone than carrying a notebook. So we must grab this choice. Get the best calendar app and make your life more smart and easy 🙂