8 Best Android App Lockers to Stay Secured All the Time!


Would you like to allow me stalk your device for a while?? Well, I guess no. Even if you be so kind hearted to pass me your device, you must have protected your device with a app locker. We always try to use the best possible app locker to tighten the security of our device so that nobody can dare to touch our data. I have mentioned 8 of my favorite Android app locker in this article. Let’s begin!!!


#8. Apps Lock&Gallery Hider

The features of Apps Lock&Gallery Hider are divided into three sections- Smart features, Security features and Hi-Tech features. Smart features include locks system apps, download apps, settings, task manager etc; security features include 2 locks(Pin&Pattern), hide Pin/Pattern, random keypad etc; and finally hi-tech features include app icon visible/invisible, auto prompts to confirm lock for new installations etc. Thus it provides a complete security arrangement to your device.


#7. AppLock 2 (Smart App Protect)

Smart app protect is developed with beautiful UI, easy control and least memory use. You can lock apps containing privacy content(photos, videos), SNS apps, call logs, WIFI and Bluetooth toggle, system settings and many more using this app locker. You can protect all your apps with multiple lock types, such as Pattern Lock, Password Lock  and PIN lock and also launch locked app within AppLock without password. One of the special features of this app is advising you to lock related apps smartly which reflects the title of this app.


#6. Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

Perfect AppLock ranks at the google play store with more than 5 million downloads. You can get the opportunity of using 3 types of lock protection by using this app: password protection, fake fingerprint scanner and fake pop-up. Fake Popup displays fake error message when locked app is launched. It provides all other features like above apps. Besides you need some permissions to run this in your device such as call permission, sms permission, take picture permission etc.


#5. Advanced Protection Applock

Advanced Protection  is quite different app from other apps in the list. AppLock version 1.96+ is required to be installed to run this app in your phone. You need to activate Advanced Protection from Settings of AppLock after installing this app. The fact that made this app unique from others is that once you activated Advanced protection, nobody can uninstall AppLock without providing a password.


#4. Lock Screen & AppLock Security

Well-Designed Wallpaper Themes are the strongest part of this locker app that places it to this list. You can use  photo pass code and wallpaper,  PIP lock screen, Floral theme, Bubble lock screen, hand drawing lock screen and one tap to lock apps in this locker app. Notifications are easy to go through in this app.


#3. Smart App Lock

Smart App lock is one of the top app locker for android. By using this app, you can lock any apps such as Photos, Videos, SNS etc;  take the photo of the intruder; fake forced close pop-up; multiple passwords for each app and many more. It supports powerful and convenient lock with fingerprint censor. You can scale your security pattern up to 18*18 which is stronger  than usual 3*3 pattern.


#2. Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)

Clean Master  is so useful app that it crosses more than 500 million downloads in the play store. Though it is mostly used for cleaning junk files from your phone, it also secures your device with an inbuilt App lock. If anyone tries to check your important apps by providing wrong patters, then the camera will take photos and save in the gallery to be checked by you. I included this in this list because I get benefited greatly using this app for the security of my device. If you have installed Clean Master in your phone, you don’t need to have an extra  app lock. So I think you can also give a try.


#1. App Lock

App Lock is considered to be number 1 app locker in 50 countries of the world claiming more than 100 million downloads in Google play store. It supports 24 languages. There are 3 types of account in App Lock- premium, AD and basic where only premium is paid. Users can lock any of the apps easily through this app. It can hide specific picture or video which is very effective. One of the special feature of this app is if you forget your pass code for the app, you can either use backup security answer or backup security email to re active your app again.


Protecting our data with more security is a challenge now a these days. All the App Lockers I mentioned in this article can play a large role to meet this challenge. Therefore, try the best App Locker and be safe!!!