AirDroid Review 2018: Forget Traditional USB and Share Files on Air!

AirDroid Review

We now often carry a camera, watch, phone, recorders separately. Now we carry just only one thing that is our android which is all in one. An Android is a combo of a phone,  recorder, camera, watch and other things. so it has already made our life easier and lighter. There are also limitations of Android handset which we carry with us is their memory.

We all transfer our pictures and doc’s in laptops and PC to clarify the space of phone. For this purpose, we always need to carry a USB which is a hassle. That’s why app developers have introduced Airdroid as a bypass of USB. if you are tired of using USB then try AirDtroid to transfer your stuff for once.  Are you confused about what AirDroid is? Then this is perfect where you will get the perfect information what AirDroid is and how to use it? After seeing this Airdroid review it will be clear to you.


What is Airdroid? 

AirDroid is an app that is compatible with everything including MAC, Windows, Android, PC, and web that allows you transfer your Data.  You can transfer anything like pictures, Docs, apps, files, music, videos and many more.

you do not need to carry or pull USB cables you can use AirDroid to transfer anything, anywhere and anyhow. AirDrioid also allows you to transfer calls and text messages as well to your Mac and PC which is a holy grail.  All you need to use this awesome app is open an account in this app with your valid email address.


Is It Safe to use?

There are so many debates going on regarding the safety and security of this app. If we check the history of this app then yes this was actually not safe earlier. A mobile security organization named Zimperium found some vague sides which make hackers life easier to hack the connection between your computer and mobile.

but now the time has been changed. AirDroid developers took this insight very seriously and they started working on it. After a year they come up with a new safe and secured version of AirDroid. They modified the version with an extraordinary security system. The authority changed the security codes and also sealed the lack holes so that hackers won’t be able to hack your connection.

so if you ask the question now that is it safe or secured or not? The answer will be definitely a Yes! and you can use AirDoird proudly and freely.The AirDroid review is highly impressive.


Is it too Costly to use? 

No, basically this app is totally free so that anyone eligible to use this app in the primary stage.If you want to go for the premium one, you need to pay few dollars.Trust me this is worth it.

The premium version subscription fee flatulates so we cant mention it accurately. Usually, it has 3 options to purchase $1.99 USD for a month, $19.99 USD for a year and $38.99 USD for 2 Years which is a bonus.


Which offers comes with the free version? 

SMS: you can send or receive your SMS which appears on the computer screen from your android phone by the blessing of AirDroid. For this facility, you will be able to send feedback to your texts faster and easier because you are using your wide detailed keyboard of your PC.

Transfer files and Media: AirDroid allows you to share or transfer your videos, music, images to your computer without using the annoying USB.

Finding Phone: It sounds like a movie name finding Nemo right?  Yes! its one of a kind. If you lost your phone ever you can trace your phone location to receive it back. Also, you can find your missing Data with the help of AirDroid. because AirDroid always keeps a backup when you connect your phone through this app.

Management of Applications: This is an amazing feature among all. No other app will allow you this feature for free. Whenever you connect your phone and PC to this app this app will show you the list of apps.

it will show you the installed app list which is harmful to your device so that you can remove them. on the other hand, it will also show you the list which apps you should install for your betterment.

Camera & Screenshot: You can take a screenshot with this app. you can click selfies with the front camera. you can also take a screenshot of your laptop or PC by using your android phone. But of course, Airdroid needs to be connected then.


Why will you use AirDroid premium?

Unlimited File transfer: No limits for transfer any file, image or Doc. you can share as much as you want.

Intruders Caught: it will catch him or her if they tried to unlock your phone.

More device connection:  You can connect 6 devices in the premium version.

Add free:   You will not get any sort of ads in premium versions.


Still not happy enough? Are you still searching for few more bypasses? so here you go!

Well apart from using USB definitely it is the best option. If you are still not comfortable enough to use AirDroid after seeing the AirDroid review then you can use other ways to transfer your stuff. There is an Android file transfer in Mac, this requires to connect your phone, tablet or tabs to your Mac Via USB. But now it will also provide you the WIFI range to transfer the file without using USB.

There is also a very popular one especially for Samsung users and that is Samsung smart switch. Basically, it works only with few specific devices. There are also few more apps or devices to transfer your stuff but they haven’t updated from last few years. That’s why we can not ensure the credibility and security of them.


So this is the summary of why you should use Airdroid and not USB cables. but still, this is totally up to wether witch one you want to use Airdroid or not. This was a very short AirDroid review hope you will find it effective. At the end of the day, your comfort level does matters only!